OLAC Metadata
  In order to reach the widest possible audience, E-MELD changed its project goal of mounting a central metadata server into implementing an OLAC service provider. OLAC, or the Open Language Archives Community, is a sub-community of the Open Archives Initiative, a cross-disciplinary initiative which promotes multi-archive searching by means of http protocols. Participating archives or linguists, known as "data-providers," describe their resources using the OLAC metadata set, which is based on the 15-element Dublin Core. Search facilities like The LINGUIST List, known as "service-providers," "harvest" metadata records through periodic http requests.

Examples of metadata in XML (Netscape 6 users will have to look at the source code):

Search OLAC Archives:

You can use the OLAC Repository Editor to submit information about language data or documentation that you have. It is essentially a series of online forms. After you submit the data, the ORE will convert it into a format that the OLAC search engine can read.


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